Pocket DVD Wizard

Pocket DVD Wizard 5.3.5

Save up to 4 DVD movies on a memory card of 512 MB


  • Converts to multiple devices
  • Gives you advanced controls over conversion process
  • Easy to use


  • Does not support all external mobile devices


It sounds impressive but Pocket DVD Wizard can reduce 4 DVD's to just 512MB in size without losing a great deal of quality.

This is great news if you're going away fro an extended period of time and want your favourite movies with you. The program works with both standard Pocket PCs and high resolution 640x480 VGA Pocket PCs. It allows you to select the image quality that you are satisfied with and watch the converted video in full screen mode without "letterbox" style black bars above and below the picture. The developers claim that it also works with Windows based Portable Media Center players, such as the Creative Labs Zen PMC or the iRiver PMP-120. This includes Windows based Smartphones such as the iJam and Motorola MPX handsets. Apart form the impressive compression ratios, what strikes you immediately is the ease of use of this program. There's very few clicks required to compress a DVD and it works pretty quickly compared to similar efforts. The fact that it supports to many output devices also distinguishes it from the rest - it can output to anything from a Pocket PC to an iPod or PSP. I also like the fact that it allows you to highly customise the ripping process, if you choose to, so that you can remove unnecessary files such as subtitles and extras.

There's not much to fault with Pocket DVD Wizard - if you like your movies on the go and have multiple devices, then you should look no further.

Pocket DVD Wizard is designed for Microsoft Windows based PCs (Windows XP, 98, ME, NT, and 2000 are supported in the latest version), and all Pocket Pcs running Windows Mobile™ 2003 or later.

Using the Pocket DVD Wizard you can easily fit over 90 minutes of compressed DVD recording, Mpeg, Avi or DivX video on a single 128Mb memory card, then take the recording on the road.

Pocket DVD Wizard


Pocket DVD Wizard 5.3.5

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  • by Anonymous

    Totaly awesome.
    This is the best DVD to pocket pc/mp4 player i have used to date. I also have a 3rd gen ipod tou...   More